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This photo was lifted without permission from the book, "The Complete Katy Trail Guidebook", by Brett Dufur.  If you are going to ride the Katy, get this book from:

Pebble Publishing


Sedalia to Boonville

The drizzle stopped after we left Pilot Grove but the sky still looked threatening.  We and the bikes were both doing nicely.  No mechanical problems and the engines were putting along nicely.

The gates used as road guards were clearly not designed with recumbents in mind.   Imagine two gates, each reaching halfway across the trail, but offset from each other by a few feet.  This requires a fairly sharp S-turn at slow speed to thread your way through them.  Not much problem on a regular bicycle, but low speed slaloms on fine gravel with short wheelbase recumbents are not their strong points.  To worsen matters, the gates were at shoulder level  on recumbents.  We both fell down once.  Darrel when his shoulder brushed the gate and threw him off balance and I because I was going too fast and the front wheel slid out from under me.  Since you don't have far to fall on a recumbent and we weren't going that fast, no injuries except to our dignity.

Not being the planning sort, I had no idea where we would spend the night.  I figured we would eat a late lunch in Boonville and continue on to Rocheport.  We got lost.  Hard to do on a linear trail but I wasn't aware the trail stopped in Boonville.  I did know that we had to cross the Missouri river there, but had some wild idea that the trail would take you to the bridge.  Nope, not so.  We had a nice tour up and down the hills of Boonville before I swallowed my pride ( real men don't ask directions) and asked someone where the bridge might be hidden.  He said it was were it had always been; across the river.  No, he didn't say that but it was clearly what he was thinking.

After finding the bridge and walking our bikes across the pedestrian sidewalk, we missed the turn that would have taken us back to the trail.  Let me interject a little venom here.  The people of Missouri don't have their act together in Boonville.  Sign posting the route to get you through town would be nice.  What would be nicer would be a bit of common courtesy toward bicyclists on the streets and highways around Boonville.  As I said, we missed the turn to get back on the trail, but in looking at the map it was clear it would be just as easy to continue on the highway to New Franklin where we could get back on the trail.  Big mistake.  They run over bike riders in Missouri, or at least come close enough to make you start mumbling the Lord's Prayer.  Honestly, I have never had cars come that close in passing, -ever-.   After getting to New Franklin in one piece, we found the trail closed between there and Rocheport due to falling stones in the only tunnel on the Katy trail.  A fitting end to day one.

To be continued.

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