Burial Permits

The following documents were found among the village records.  Some were very hard to read and I noticed some of the names were misspelled. The letters I couldn't decipher are replaced by an "x".  Most of these permits were issued in the teens and twenties with a few in the thirties.  All the deaths occured in Panama or elsewhere in Grisham Township. These are not pleasant reading.

   Alexander, William Albert                                                  
   Allister, David                                                            
   Aproletti, Filmxxx                                                         
   Ashmore, Charles                                                           
   Ashmore, Fay                                                               
   Ashmore, George                                                            
   Bailey, Henry Laborn                                                       
   Balla, Charlie                                                             
   Basso, James W.                                                            
   Boff, Tranquila                                                            
   Brezevich, Annie                                                           
   Brown, Carl Edward                                                         
   Calufetti, Frankie Francis                                                 
   Coleman, Elva Irene                                                        
   Corradini, Augusto                                                         
   Corradini, Dora                                                            
   Coyle, Ernest Everett                                                      
   Craig, Ruth                                                                
   Cunningham, John Clarence                                                  
   Daech, Darrel                                                              
   Davis, Richard                                                             
   Deshane, Paul Theis                                                        
   Evans, Roy                                                                 
   Fairbanks, Charles S.                                                      
   Faudi, Mrs. Roy                                                            
   Ferguson, George W.                                                        
   File, Clarence C.                                                          
   File, Mildred                                                              
   Freezeland, Goldie Wanda                                                   
   Frey, Anna                                                                 
   Frey, Edward                                                               
   Furdok, Peter                                                              
   Gagely, Suzie                                                              
   Gagliardo, Maria                                                           
   Gerbes, Milos                                                              
   Gerbic, Elizabeth                                                          
   Havron, Bernice                                                            
   Havron, Dollie Alice                                                       
   Havron, Robert Allen                                                       
   Helfer, Edith H.                                                
   Helfer, Paul Guy                                                           
   Jacometti, Virgilio                                                        
   Johnson, Edward                                                            
   Kehus, Adda                                                                
   Kessinger, Velma Irene                                                   
   Killefer, Seiley H.                                                          
   Kish, John                                                                 
   Knott, Harry                                                               
   Kovic, Maggie                                                              
   Kristofic, Raymon John                                                     
   Kristofic, Rosie                                                           
   Laswell, Russel Lee                                                       
   Manning, Martha Ann 
   Marcolini, Alfred                                                    
   Marcolini, Annie                                                       
   Mareski, Mary Gonzi                                                        
   May, John Hartley                                                          
   May, Mary                                                                  
   McCoy, Geneva                                                              
   McCoy, James                                                               
   McCracken, Annie E.                                                        
   Miller, John                                                               
   Mitzel, Leafey Marie                                                       
   Moreland, Josephine R.                                                     
   Moreski, Linda                                                             
   Morontine, Julias                                                          
   Neal, Alpha L.                                                             
   Neal, Willis                                                               
   Nowak, Bruno Theodore                                                      
   Ondrak, Joe                                                                
   O'Neal, Barbara Magdalena                                                  
   Osliflock, Hattie                                                          
   Pavelich, Mary Francis                                                     
   Petruski, Mamie                                                            
   Phriago, Visla Murphy                                                      
   Poggione, Katarina                                                         
   Raypole, Anna Elizabeth                                                    
   Revelli, John                                                              
   Reviski, Helen                                                             
   Rigetti, Ixxx                                                              
   Salvetti, James                                                            
   Sanden, George                                                             
   Santoro, Infant                                                            
   Savage, Francis                                                            
   Savant, Gloria Ivonne                                                      
   Savini, Louie                                                              
   Scheller, Otto Julius                                                      
   Segrist, Jesse Monroe                                                      
   Smith, James                                                               
   Smith, Wesley Dalles                                                       
   Spensberger, Viola                                                         
   Spiller, Emma Helen                                                        
   Stella, John Battiste                                                      
   Sutton, Beatrice Lula                                                      
   Toureene, Robert Ruel                                                      
   Trina, Bruno                                                               
   Trina, Glixx                                                               
   Tusinski, Emile Walter                                                     
   Vallina, Louisa                                                            
   Viditich, Betty Allene                                                     
   White, Christopher Columbus                                                
   White, Thomas                                                              
   Willman, William M.                                                        
   Willoughby, Andrew N.                                                      
   Xiasek, Annie                                                              
   Yoricko, Aurelia                                                           
   Zora, Ignac