1920 Census of Panama, IL

From Microfilm #T625-394 (Montgomery) and #T625-297 (Bond)

I have deciphered the names to the best of my ability.  When I was completely stumped, I inserted a question mark after the word.  This doesn't mean that all names without question marks are correct, just that it was my best guess.  I am sure there are mistakes and would appreciate any corrections.  Just drop me an email (remove nospam from the address) with the subject line of, "1920 Census," to deeccles@nospamfrontiernet.net .

The entries are in the order of the original census.  I have only included part of the information contained for each entry.  It should permit you to easily find any entry on the original microfilm. If you don't have access to the microfilm, I would be glad to do a lookup for anyone in who lived in Panama.


Montgomery County


Bond County

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